Courses and fees

There is no registration fee.

Each lesson, individual or for small groups, lasts 60 minutes.
Cost includes language material and the teacher’s transport.

The course usually takes place at students’ offices in order to optimise the time available.

Upon specific request, the class can take place in our office at Palazzo Baleani in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 244, Rome.

Skype: we can arrange Skype meetings, in order to meet the needs and exigences of students that are based in Rome.


    Individual and Small Group Courses 
Indivual lessons Mini-group
(2 persons)
(3 persons)
(4 persons)
€ 38 for hour* € 45 for hour* € 54 for hour* € 60 for hour*

* 1 hour: 60 minutes