Collection : Italian books for foreigners

These books are the result of my long and successful working experience as Italian teacher for foreigners.

La confusione... regna sovrana

copertina confusione sovranaSThis book has been written as a tool for foreigners who are learning Italian, but it is useful also for people, who for professional or academic reasons, are interested in the subtleties of the Italian political language.

Italian political language can be tough/ tricky for native speakers as well and it is fundamental for diplomats who work in Italy.
For example, do you know what the following words mean?

First, Second and Third Republic, Italicum, Porcellum and Mattarellum, rottamare, esodati, governo di scopo, governissimo and so on, gufi, pitonesse, falchi and supercanguri, politichese, gentese or common sayings such as "Mi ritiro sull'Aventino", Oltretevere and still, there are many more.
The book is both in Italian and in English and it is divided into chapters and thanks to QR Codes   there are many links to videos and articles.

 Piove... Governo ladro!

Copertina Piove Governo LadroPiove... Governo ladro! Rimpasto (cabinet reshuffle), ribaltone (sudden change in political alliances), larghe intese (broad-based government), Mattarellum e Porcellum (two different Italian bills), Governissimo (a government supported by an overwhelming parliamentary majority), inciucio (dishonest agreement), politichese (political jargon).

Many words and ways of saying with different undertones, make part of the political and journalism lexicon.
Political language is complicated, and if at times it’s hard for Italians to comprehend it,  leave alone for foreigners who live and work in Italy.

An example of the "Politichese" that never abandons us, not even when going through a rough patch, can be grasped by the newly Welfare Minister's statement, Elsa Fornero (Minister of State Assistance), on the economic crisis: "The stress that’s due as per the stability of public finance that doesn't go along with revitalization actions, has concurred in smoothing out the productive recovery, and the conjuncture perspective, surely are not gratifying".

“Piove ... Governo ladro!” (literally, "It's raining...Rip-off Government!") is a very useful vade mecum that helps out in understanding better what this language, which has become part of the everyday life of Italians through the press and media, conceals.
The author has accomplished “Piove ... Governo ladro!” with great passion and professionalism, not without a certain irony, and with the natural lightness that characterizes her work style.


"Il mio stringato giudizio sul libro "Piove....Governo Ladro!": ottimo! Divertente e utile. Per tutti gli stranieri che vogliono imparare la lingua/ saperne di più. Un "must".
FinlandPetri Tuomi-Nikula

Finland Ambassador in Rome


Itinerari linguistici

Advanced level C1 - Exercises with keys


itinerari linguistici uk“Itinerari linguistici” was born from “on the move methodology” applied to small groups of students where they could really practice the Italian language through learning activities on the Roman area.

“On the move methodology” enabled my students to learn in a pleasant way new words, common saying, idiomatic expressions and mainly to enjoy some hidden places of Rome, discovering Roman peculiarities, its legends and historical notes.

Itinerari linguistici is not a touristic guide but it will help you to discover Rome and practice your Italian by walking in the streets suggested in the book or just relaxing on your sofa at home.




Finestre sull'Italia

Intermediate B2/C1 - Exercises with keys

Copertina Finestre ukFinestre sull’Italia is a collection of readings dealing with ” Italianess “and its people.
I have considered and focused on several subjects with my students. In this book I have chosen the ones that generated interest, curiosities and bright and lively conversations during my Italian language classes.
Each reading is followed by exercises created by myself in order to improve grammar, lexical and speaking skills.

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